About Our Camp


Youth in Action is a volunteer-based camp. Our vibrant and enthusiastic staff takes time off from work to make camp a fun and exciting experience. Most of our staff are former campers who went through our counselor-in-training program and decided to give back to the camp. Our staff works year-round to reach out to the community and fundraise so that we can keep camp an affordable experience.

History of Excellence

Youth in Action has a long history of excellence. We’ve been operating out of Kinkora for over 50 years. As there have been many changes to both the campsite and the staff over the years, Youth in Action has adapted. Camp Kinkora has become an ACQ-certified site, which means it “meet(s) more than 60 standards with requirements related to safety, supervision, programming, the environment, health and food.”

We Welcome Everybody

One of our core values as a camp and as an organization is inclusivity and acceptance towards everyone. Any child aged 7-15 is welcome to come to our camp, regardless of background. Subsidies are available to families who would have trouble paying the full amount for camp. We are a Catholic camp and our goal is to promote faith-based values of friendship, love, respect, and honesty.

Our Campgrounds

Kinkora is a breathtaking campsite, as anybody who has been there can attest to! Campers will be put into cabins seperated by age-group and gender, fully stocked with showers and bunks. The campsite features a beautiful lake (and a full lifeguard staff!), a full kitchen, a dining hall, a chapel, a basketball court, a jungle gym, two big fields and multiple hiking trails through the surrounding woods.

Frequently Asked Questions